Camera Kodak Vollenda 620

Kodak Vollenda 620

Kodak Vollenda 620 Kodak Vollenda 620

Kodak Vollenda 620 + 1:4,5F/10,5cm  Salmoiraghi ALCYON Ser.No.3131464

clean Salmoiraghi ALCYON rare Kodak 6×9 cm camera for 120 Film

Kodak Vollenda 620 camera. Camera is a rectangular box with rounded ends. Door at rear allows film to be loaded. Door is marked with inscription. Leather carry strap is attached at one end by two metal rings. Camera is covered in black leather. Door at front of camera folds open to reveal lens, shutter and bellows focusing mechanism. Shutter lever is mounted above shutter to the right. Viewfinder is mounted above shutter to the left. Inscription surrounds lens as well as shutter. Small plaque on front door of camera is also marked with inscriptions.

Inscription on rear door of camera reads:”VOLLENDA 620″. Inscription on front of camera reads:”KODAK”. Inscription surrounding lens reads:”SAMOIRAGHI – ALCYON 1:4.5 F= 10.5CM”. Inscription on shutter reads:”KODAK COMPUR”.